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Things We Stole



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Our artists range from divergent multi-instrumentalists to immersive installation artists pushing the boundaries of reality, literally. As a constant, we seek the outliers, the ones attuned different, and the ones challenging the music system as we know it. 


André Griffin
Colin Mulligan
The Glad Scientist
Dee Belvedere
Headless Sage


fictions cover 1.JPG
fictions cover 1.JPG

Things We Stole

by Fictions

About "Things We Stole"


Traduttore, traditore. To exist, is to lie. Only the deaf will hear. Futures dwindle as deregulated pasts swarm over the flood walls and devour our retrograde horizon... Sense is nonsense - our land, our home, our earth... all words slurred from Babel on. And on? Must we steal the other's voice to hear our own? Or is it that Other who infests us, modulates our machinery? These transmissions present a series of definitive non-answers. Wisdom flows like a morphine drip from the gods awful grace – ceaseless, insufficient. We - who receive these gifts without merit, from intensities without measure - offer these dead echoes. Repetition is a form of change. Change is a repetition of form. All present(s) are fictions.


Recorded live with no overdubs in Brooklyn, NY, June 2016.

Personnel: Flohr, Booksy.

Machinery: Eurorack modular system(s), Roland SH-101, Korg Minilogue, Soundcraft GB2r 16, Zoom 1204, Yamaha E1005, Symetrix 606.

Mastering by Anthony Nolan

Cover Art by Valeri Schwartz


Fictions would like to thank: VLSC fam, Valeri Schwartz, Anna Halpern, Anthony Nolan, Ikutaro Kakehashi, Make Noise Music, Mutable Instruments, Intellijel, Tatsuya Takahashi, Matthias Puech, Control, the Atlanta Synthesizer Club, the Emory University Department of Comparative Literature, Nicholaus Jackson for mathematics, Lucha Lucha Jay, Whisperbrick, A Case of Modular, Eduardo Silva Photography, Eastern Tapes, Huron, those that tremble as if they were mad, innumerable ones, et cetera...